Summer Camp

This summer, learn to make robots with the popular Arduino Micro-controller board.

We have two different courses this time.

Course I: Basics of robotics.

You will learn the basics of Arduino Board, how to connect different components and how to program the Arduino Board. You will start with simple and lead up to a self-driving, obstacle avoiding rover.

Register for the camp:


Duration: Two weeks (Mon – Fri), Two hours every day.

Cost of the program: ₹ 2400

(Use code SITE300 to get flat ₹ 300 off)

Cost of the kit is not included in the program cost. Let us know if you need help to get the kit. Each kit will cost ₹ 3200

The kit will include:

  • 1 Arduino Micro-controller board
  • 1 PIR sensor.
  • 1 Ultrasonic sensor.
  • 1 Breadboard.
  • 1 set of jumper cables.
  • 10 LEDs (mix colors)
  • 1 buzzer.
  • 4 buttons.
  • 1 motor driver.
  • 2 DC motors.
  • 9v battery.
  • 1 power supply for Arduino.
  • Assorted resistors.
  • 1 Robot Chassis.
  • 2 Robot wheels
  • 1 Castor.
  • Some nuts & bolts to fix the chassis.


Course II:

Arduino Projects for Middle/High School Students

Make some amazing things with Arduino and learn something interesting.
Some of the projects we will make together:
  1. Intruder Alarm.
  2. Automattic Lights (comes on when it gets dark).
  3. Seismogram Model (Earthquake Measurement).
  4. Measure Speed of Sound and height of the ceiling using UltraSound Sensor.
  5. Your own Weather Station measuring Temperature/Humidity/Rain/Sunlight.

Come in teams to enjoy learning and building amazing models.


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