Maker time: I make and I #understand

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand!

Making is the way to learn by doing. AAA Learn promotes making to all age groups, especially the school going students.

We offer courses, camps and workshops on Robotics, Making Electronics Projects, Practical Science and much more.

We have a rich experience in making wonderful school projects, hobby projects and serious tinkering projects.

Robotics: is the way of combining hardware and software to build a smart machine which can help you in day to day activities. So, robots can clean your house, bring a glass of water for you, clean table, find lost things around house, guard you house or may be do some highly complicated things like follow line, avoid obstacles, run to light, identify colours! Eventually robot will do what you build it for and what you program it to do!

Do write to us how we can assist you in the way of Making/Robotics/Building cool projects.